Marketing Management for Commercial Real Estate
Showcase your brand, develop marketing materials instantly, keep all information in a single space, and grow your business
Streamlined Marketing Processes

The first step in winning a new tenant is to prepare all the marketing materials you will use to convince them that your property is the right fit for them. After receiving the property materials, the potential tenant will decide whether he or she wants to visit the property. Unfortunately, the majority of real estate owners still work on outdated, offline systems, so tenants often receive outdated information or receive information too late, putting real estate owners at risk of losing an opportunity.

Tower360 supports you in streamlining your entire marketing process on one central platform, allowing you to showcase your brand, instantly develop marketing materials, and keep all your information in a single space. All these elements will help you to eventually grow your business and accelerate tenant conversion.

Drive Growth
System of Records
Operate in a single system of records to maintain the most up-to-date marketing materials, such as flyers, floorplans, photos, and more. Easily share these materials with inquiring clients, and automatically update listing websites when information changes.
Instant Marketing-Document Generation
Generate professionally branded marketing materials. In just a few clicks, respond to inquiries with flyers, floorplans, and photos.
Tower360 allows you to seamlessly integrate your availabilities onto your company’s existing website through custom-built iframes or directly into your existing search engine.
Create email templates with your corporate branding with just a few clicks. Avoid spending countless hours every week manually sending email blasts.
With Tower360, you can instantly add all your properties to multiple listing websites. This takes far less time than manually adding your availabilities to each marketplace individually. Tower360 works with the following listing portals, among others: Immoscout and Homegate.
Keep track of your property marketing expenses in one place and compare your expenses against budgeted activities. Plus, give your landlord instant access to this information.
Interested in finding out all of the ways the TOWER360 Platform can help your organization scale your real estate business globally?