Data Security: Trusted and Secure Infrastructure
We are committed to building the most secure and structure infrastructure in the industry
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We back our products and services with robust data and security practices. These are a central part of our design, engineering, and product-delivery principles.

A flexible permission and access model that allows you to control what information is made available to each user.

Technology and managerial safeguards deployed by Tower360 to further protect your data.

The architecture is built with resiliency in mind to ensure high availability and the ability to serve customers in real time.

Rich User Administration Model

Administrators (admins) control access to their portfolio information via the Tower360 admin interface, which allows them to add and remove users, set individual permissions, and access rights on a per-asset basis.

Permission levels
The admin sets one or multiple permission levels for each user on a given asset.
Access rights
The admin sets the scope of the user’s access to asset data.
Change log
Tower360 also maintains a full change log of every change made in the application to provide you with full visibility of user activity.
Protecting Your Data

With a robust system of data safeguards, security features are built into all our products, services, and infrastructure to protect data at every level.

Our secure hosting partner

Our Data Centers

Certified data centers
Tower360 uses Microsoft Azure, a proven, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure platform, certified to SOC1, SOC2, and ISO 270001 standards. It runs on a local server in your respective country (Switzerland, Germany, etc.).
Full encryption
Tower360 uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) to encrypt data in transit. Authentication cookies are flagged as secure, and an HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) policy is set on all HTTP endpoints. Tower360 encrypts all data at rest using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.
Audit capabilities
All applications and administrative activity is logged with attribution to end user, timestamp, and IP address.
Resilient Architecture

The architecture is built with resiliency in mind to ensure high availability and the ability to serve customers in real time.

Cross-geo redundancy
The architecture uses two regions to achieve higher availability, serving customers by providing seamless DR capability.
Platform load balancing
High availability and network performance insured through in-built load balancing capabilities, automatically scaling with increasing application traffic.
Data backup
In-built real time backups across multiple availability zones in encrypted and access-controlled containers.
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